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Digital Transformation


Transforming your business in the age  of the digital revolution

Identify clearly Digital Transformation opportunities to better focus your resources

  • Today, a company's capacity to tap into the digital transformation that our societes witness will enable it to differentiate itself from competitors and to be among the most successful organizations in its industry.

  • Digital tools can allow a company to quickly automate some of its processes in order to produce more with the same workforce, thereby creating - productivity gains - or reducing costs. It is also possible to make the choice to better analyze the behavior of customers thanks to big data / artificial intelligence, and thus better targeting a communication campaign or customizing the production line thanks to 3D printers. These are just a few examples of the many opportunities offered by digital technologies

  • More specifically, digital transformation encompasses technologies with different maturity levels. Technologies, such as, large-scale data analysis (Big Data), Data storage in the Cloud (Cyber Security) as well as the customization of a product in the production line through a 3D printer (Additive Manufacturing) are already well-developed. Yet, other technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the “Blockchain” technology are only in their infancy.


  • To enable this transformation, a company must rethink most of its managerial and operational processes and adopt a different culture thereby allowing it to become a data-driven company. Success will partly depend on selecting the right technology , but the most important will remain the level of digital skills and adaptation of employees as well as a good method of managing change within the organization.  


If you are wondering how to concretely exploit these opportunities or simply which ones can apply or benefit your company, Orios Conseil can support you both strategically and operationally:


Diagnostic  and development of your digital strategy:

  1. Audit of your current digital maturity and definition of your objectives

  2. Developing a roadmap aligned with your organization's strategy and goals

  3. Identification of the needs of your activity in terms of digital tools that can improve your profitability

  4. Audit of the digital skills of  your employees and definition of a plan to increase the skills of your organization to fill the gaps (internal training and recruitment)


Management of transformation projects based on the Agile method:

We can support you from the selection of the IT solutions to their implementation as well as the training of your employees.

  1. Design and development of a data management ecosystem 

  2. Training your end users to enable them to use this data system independently

  3. Deployment of tools and implementation of the system

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