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Motivation and Commitment


Involve and motivate your staff to support you towards your goals

Gamification and participatory workshops are two ways to improve the engagement of your employees

  • In France, only 6% of employees say they are engaged - motivated and ready to move their company forward - and 25% have a negative view of it and say they are likely to act against its interests (Gallup Institute Study, 2017).


These low figures represent improvement opportunities for a company's performance.

  • At Orios Conseil, we are convinced that:

    • Employees need to bring meaning to their work;

    • Improving working conditions has a greater long-term effect on employee engagement than a salary increase.

A happy employee is:

  • 2 times less sick

  • 6 times less absent

  • times more faithful

  • 31% more productive

  • 55% more creative

Do you think that the lack of commitment of your teams penalizes the performance of your company or department? We have solutions:


  Originally from the Web and Webmarketing, gamification is now proving its worth in other areas.

  Applying mechanisms from the world of games in a work context enables to:

  • Give more meaning to the work of employees, by  integrating an environmental, social or even cultural dimension into their work;​​​​​​​​

  • Create emulation and the desire to take up challenges, by recognizing the performance of the teams;

  • Easily convey the company's objectives and priorities to its teams.

By deploying a similar project for a mining company, Orios Conseil was able to improve the productivity of a production department of more than 400 employees by 5% as soon as the project was deployed.

We use participatory workshops with your teams as a tool for improving their working conditions:

Our approach is based on participatory workshops with your teams.

We use collective intelligence and promote the feeling of listening, to find solutions improving their working conditions - hardship, "stones in the shoe", lack of ergonomics... - and the performance of your processes.


We will set up a specific solution adapted to your business, your teams, your needs and constraints.

We also have a network of experts, with years of experience in HRD positions, whom we can call upon for specific subjects.

To obtain a detailed presentation booklet

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