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Quality Process Implementation


Formalize and structure  your organization to better manage your improvement initiatives

A structured method to ensure the quality of your products and services over time.

  • Do you lack vision of your customers' requirements and your competitiveness factors?

  • You don't know how to start your performance improvement process  ?

  • You lack vision on the tasks of your employees and the way your processes interact within your structure  ?

  • You wish to obtain the ISO 9001 label or other quality labels but do not know where to start  ?

If some of these questions sound familiar to you, then our teams can help !


Quality is considered the number 1 competitive factor for companies and administrations. This horizontal dimension has long been confined to production activities. Quality management  now concerns departments in a company and applies regardless of the sector of an activity. Management systems now increasingly take into account the environmental and safety dimensions, as well.

In order to support you on these subjects, we have created a tailor-made and pragmatic approach in order to integrate them into your business processes. We do not create a parallel system. Our vision is that management systems must be serve as performance and compliance tools and not as devices "tackled" out of context.


We operate in the following fields:


  • Support for obtaining ISO certifications (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 standards);

  • Blank audit or internal audit of your management system;

  • Implementation of a process approach;

  • Audit training.

Our methods and tools have been tested in the following contexts:

  • Optimization of the QMS of a national railway operator;

  • Audit of the QMS of an insurance company;

  • Implementation of a complete system in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, a water authority, a telecommunication equipment leasing company and of a local authority in the Parisian region;

  • Completion of more than 200 audit assignments in large groups of transport/logistics and engineering companies as well as banks and public organisations.

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