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Business Intelligence

Datas on a tablet

Use your data to create value

Make your data speak to help you make the best decisions

  • Business intelligence (BI) or business intelligence aims at helping companies to strengthen their control over their activities and make their internal processes more transparent. They can make good decisions based on an in-depth analysis of their data. Data, not intuition, is at the heart of the decision-making process and BI relies on a set of technologies, applications and practices to make this data “talk”.


  • Nowadays, companies that have successfully made the “BI” shift have gained a considerable competitive advantage over their competitors. This requires the establishment of a data-oriented system (collection, integration, analysis, visualization) and an overhaul and reconstruction of most operational processes. This is a major challenge in which Orios Conseil can support you through two BI offers:

  1. A visualization offer;

  2. A data analysis offer.

An example of what this can do for your business in the video below.  

This is a dashboard designed for a mining equipment maintenance department allowing real-time analysis of the root causes of major shutdowns.















Visualization and control system

Set up the reports and dashboards necessary to manage the activity at each level of hierarchy.


Our teams, with their experience in visualization, will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the project to set up a visual and automated system for managing and reporting your activity (reports and dashboards):  

  • Definition of the scope and customer need

  • Identification of key indicators and the granularity needed for each level of hierarchy

  • Design carried out in collaboration with end users during workshops led by our consultants

  • Development supported by Orios Conseil: we favor minimalist developments in agile mode to avoid overly complex tools developed by some of our competitors. The objective is not the tool but the added value it must bring!

  • Training your teams in using these new tools


Our teams are experts in visualization technologies such as Power BI, Tableau, Excel as well as in IT project management.


Data analysis

Analyze your key data to facilitate decision making.

Based on proven data analysis techniques, Orios Conseil will allow you to perform targeted analyses such as  :

  • Building business cases

  • Cost and profit analysis

  • Analysis of key operational factors

  • Setting up a key value driver tree

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • etc

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