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Operational Excellence

Chemical Plant

Improve your processes to achieve excellence

A proven method to improve your processes and  the performance of your organization

  • Teams wasting time on non-core business activities?

  • Processes that do not fully meet your customers' expectations?

  • A compartmentalized structure, a lack of visibility on some of your activities  ?

  • Excessive cost of support functions  ?

  • A lack of shared vision and managers overwhelmed by non-value-added tasks  ?

If some of these questions remain unsolved for you, then our teams can help you answer them and improve the performance of your organizations !


All our missions are carried out by consultants who have field experience and who have already implemented our methodologies in complex environments . At the beginning of each of our missions, we take the time with our clients to contextualize and adapt our approaches to their environment. Our strength is to be able to make tailor-made to stick to their own problems.

We have privileged a proven and pragmatic participative approach for nearly 20 years within administrations, banks and industry. We have many examples of results that testify to this  :

  • Reduction of maintenance time by 25% within an aeronautical industry in France

  • 35% reduction in lead time invoice processing within a French Ministry

  • 30% reduction in the workload of support functions within a large retail bank in France

  • Revenue gains by more than 10% in a gold mining site in Burkina Faso

  • 16% reduction in non-core maintenance costs for two  production sites of an automotive supplier in the USA

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