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Management training

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Managing a team requires many skills that you will develop during Orios Conseil's management trainings. In a context of digital transformation and the search for agility, the manager's ability to support change and demonstrate leadership is now essential to improve the effectiveness of his team.

Our "Management" training offer:

Our "Management" training offer revolves around the management key areas:

  • communication and leadership

  • team management

  • transversal management

  • second level management

  • change management

  • participatory management


Facilitation methodology:

Our training facilitation methodology is based on the following principles:

  • A sharing of experiences from various environments (public, private, services, industry, health, administrative, etc.)

  • A dynamic, fun and participatory approach that creates cohesion between participants and facilitates the development of future company projects

  • A participatory and individualized pedagogy

  • Taking into account the feelings of the participants

  • A method based on experimentation through case studies and simulations


We are a Datadock certified training organization

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