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Lean Six Sigma training


Complete training in the Lean Six Sigma method using the DMAIC approach


  • Have you ever wanted to embark on a continuous improvement project but had difficulty in identifying the right profile to manage the project?

  • Have you ever felt lost, not knowing where to start to launch an operational excellence initiative?

  • Have you had the feeling of fighting against collaborators misunderstanding where you wanted to take your organization, even though you should all be moving in the same direction?

  • Do you often have the feeling that the training courses taken are too theoretical and that the speakers lack field experience?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then our Lean Six Sigma training can help!


All our training courses are provided by certified consultants ("Black Belt") who have implemented the approach in a dozen of projects in different industries.


Each participant can benefit from remote coaching (by video  conference) or field support to implement your first projects depending on the options chosen:

3 available levels, all including a theoretical study  and the application of the main principles of the approach during a case simulation, with a view to facilitation knowledge acquisition.

  • Sensitization over 1 day (equivalent to "White Belt")  ;

  • Initial training over 3 days (equivalent "Yellow Belt");

  • Project manager training over 5 days (equivalent to "Green Belt").

You choose !


We are a Datadock certified training organization

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