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Nuclear power in the Lean Digital era

Our team worked on improving the preparation of maintenance activities via an operational excellence project and the study of the opportunities offered by digital tools.


In anticipation of the major overhaul plan within a nuclear power plant, deployment of a project to optimize the preparation of maintenance activities, aimed at reducing the number of postponements of planned activities, and thus:

  • Reduce the duration of reactor shutdowns for maintenance;

  • Improve the metal time of stakeholders;

  • Reduce the number of waiting hours (downtime) for teams of maintenance providers.


The project focused on 3 processes, as well as a support approach:

  • Management of Tranche en Marche (TeM) activities;

  • Diet requests;

  • Logistics requests;

  • Studying the potential of digital solutions (drones, virtual reality, tablets, connected glasses, etc.) on the preparation and execution of activities.


Estimated gain:

  • 45% reduction in the number of activities to be postponed;

  • 40% reduction in the number of activities starting late on the big day;

  • Carrying out a case study on the deployment of virtual reality solutions to reduce the need for field visits, with an estimated gain of more than one million euros per year, profitable after 2 to 3 years.

  • 17 other improvement projects - including 14 selected by site management.

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