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Project management training


This training will provide you with all the elements to run smoothly your projects while respecting their functional objectives, their deadlines, their costs and their quality criteria. The technics will be illustrated by means of a practical case which will serve as a guideline for the study of the different phases of a project.


Educational goals:

  • Identify the main components of a business project and the roles involved

  • Evaluate the expenses and organize the schedule of a project

  • Build and track a project's budget through a dashboard

  • Monitor and control project risks

  • Interpret the indicators to decide whether to outsource

  • Manage and communicate about the project

We offer two training courses for:

  • Junior project managers: The fundamentals

  • Experienced Project Managers: Advanced training

The fundamentals

   1. Leadership

  • Adopt the behaviors of a leader to inspire change convincingly

  • Optimize relationships within a team and its functioning, as well as the relationships with the hierarchy

  • Delegate and empower

   2. Communication

  • Define a communication strategy

  • Organize communication flows with the hierarchy

  • Lead and facilitate project meetings

   3. Customer relationship

  • Specify the customer need

  • Adapt communicat in the context of a business relationship

  • Adapt your communication: create and maintain a trust relationship

  • Honor commitments

Advanced training


   1. Transversal Management

  • Roles and responsibilities of the manager

  • Guide and create cohesion within the team

  • Delegate and empower

  • Develop a leadership strategy within the company

   2. Communication

  • Communicate with and engage people effectively

  • Lead and facilitate project meetings

  • Define a communication strategy

  • Organize upward communication


We are a Datadock certified training organization

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